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Along The Waves Of Imagination

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Science fiction novel "The Adventures of Abnormal Things"

Second chapter

South coast of the sea-The adventures of abnormal LogoArrow In the southern seaside latitudes, where Varsonofy Onufriev lived, the day was very bright, and the dazzling sunshine always surprised a lot those who first came from the north. Naturally, the bright illumination infinitely pleased both the locals and guests, as it cheered up the mood and firmly kept it at a high level. Alas, this consequence of a favorable ratio of celestial bodies had a reverse side - the darkness, which was rapidly gathering in the evening, turning at night into darkness so deep that even a person with good eyesight barely dared to walk along some dirt country road that was not lit by lanterns.

Considering that rather wide thoroughfares of the city streets, completely covered with asphalt, were also barely illuminated, as the lanterns hanging over them on the pillars had long ago broken down and served only as a resting place for birds, along central avenues, in some places uplifted with the roots of the mighty poplars growing near, it was better not to walk at night either. Those who walked there at this time with the dog or returned from work, went very slowly and often illuminated their way with a mobile phone screen or a Chinese pocket flashlight.

On this warm summer evening, the darkness thickened as rapidly as usual. Already after eight o`clock, the yard was empty, and only the dogs living there occasionally barked at the passers-by who were hurrying home. After ten o`clock the dogs disappeared somewhere too, and in the courtyard of the old apartment building where Onufriev lived, there was complete silence. It seemed that even the stars that had poured out in the sky did not want to invade this quiet little courtyard surrounded by luminous windows and therefore tried to blink as weakly as possible, Orion Belt had completely faded, and the red supergiant Betelgeuse, shining next to it, tried to turn the rays emanating from it somewhere to the side.

Suddenly, in this terrible ringing silence and pitch darkness, there was a strange roar. It proceeded from an iron dumpster, into which Varsonofy, who decided to part with the mountains of rubbish, reluctantly threw a box with toys, cubes, magazines, and models dear to his heart. The rusty heavy container shook and swayed, constantly increasing the amplitude, and at the same time, such a screech could be heard from inside, as if someone with a lot of pressure drove with iron pins along its thick walls.

Finally, the container fell, lavishly throwing out the litter bags that were put there during the evening, directly onto the wide nearby pavement. After that, an excavator bucket appeared on a long curved boom. As if not daring to make the necessary, but a dangerous step, that what the boom was attached to, from the dark depth of the fallen container, probed the soil to see if this step could finally be taken. The bucket hit the asphalt several times with sharp teeth while moving to the left or the right and moving up and down on its mount.

Having discovered that the exit from the container was opening onto a wide, hard road, the excavator boom decisively extended to its full length, after which the bucket, breaking the wire for drying clothes with a swing, fell deeply into the sandbox, and, leaning against it, a bulky heavy Sideboard crawled out sideways. The boom of the crane was attached to his right end wall, and therefore he remotely resembled a robot equipped with two huge manipulators.

Having got up on short legs and jumping a bit to throw off the potato peelings and cabbage leaves, he, finally settling in the thick darkness, picked up the container with the boom of the crane for the loop welded to its bottom, finally turned it over, raised it and shook it lightly. From there, with a ringing and screeching sound, a considerably grown Fridge fell out, caterpillars rotating on his sides, a Washing Machine with a drum kit as if ingrown into her, a white enameled Bath gently landing on all four wheels in soft rubber tires, and a round crystal multi-tiered Chandelier with lamps in the shape of candles.

On her outer side, a long metal corrugated shower hose protruded from a decorative casing, which was supposed to cover the place of fastening to the ceiling and connecting to the apartment wiring, ending, as it should be, with a plastic mixer with many water holes.

"Wow, looks like the master managed to throw us into the Repair Shop together with other models` details!" - exclaimed Sideboard, with surprise examining the limbs attached to him there and at the same time, not without pleasure, moving them with the help of mechanisms brought to the perfect condition that rotated the hinges, moved pistons, wound the ropes and stirred the bucket. "Say thank you, old one, that you were restored at all, otherwise you would have left tonight for a dump and burned there in a couple of days," the Chandelier rang spitefully with a hundred of crystal pendants. "Although this young technician attached the shower hose to me, I`m still happy that I won`t get under the bulldozer tracks tomorrow!" she added joyfully.

After these words, the eyes of all the Abnormal Things unitedly directed to the Fridge, who, almost not listening to the hassle that had begun, was examining his tank tracks, sparkling with a new metal coating. "Yes, the Chandelier is one hundred percent right, with such a development of events it is better to ride yourself on caterpillars!" he exclaimed cheerfully. "Well, let`s get out of here quicker, because soon there will be a garbage collection truck, and we will be taken to the place where we are so afraid to get to - the dump!" - buzzed Bath, standing on her rear wheels and frantically spinning the wheels of the front axle, which seemed to have started much easier than she had expected, because of what Bath, frightened, stopped them abruptly.

"What will you say, an automatic washerwoman with mounted drums?" Bath asked the Washing Machine with a laugh. - Wow, that`s what happened to you, sister, Varsonofiy has mocked you the most!" Bath shook with laughter and, turning upside down, slapped herself with the wheels on the bottom. "That is for thirty years in the box that you have boasted that the owner, unlike us, has almost completed you, and you just lacked a few details for the complete set!" - added Bath and, bursting with loud laughter, she no longer clapped, but pounded herself with wheels on her stomach, filling the yard with the rumble of the sound of blows repeatedly amplified inside. Washing Machine, as if to the beat of her friend, played with her hands-hoses on her drums a short impetuous part and ended it with a blow to a resonant copper plate.

"You`re right, we need to get out of here faster, because the garbage truck will come to empty the containers in the middle of the night, and if we don`t hide, we won`t have any reasons for fun," the Washing Machine summed up the brief meeting and again deftly hit the copper plate with a stick. "We have to leave before nobody sees us, there are fields overgrown with tall reeds nearby, now we`ll get over there, hide and decide what to do next!" - said the Washing Machine and showed with a drumstick in the direction where she proposed to rush.

Her plan seemed to the Abnormal Things so reasonable and correct that they immediately expressed their readiness to implement it. After that, Sideboard deftly put Washing Machine on Bath with a crane, and, resting his booms on the ground, jumped easily to the top of Fridge. Repaired and enlarged by the mysterious power Varsonofiy`s models quietly moved along the sidewalk to a wide, almost unlit street, at the end of which in the completely pitch darkness there was a gap between the garages, where the winding wavy primer leading into the suburban fields began.

The almost noiseless movement of the column was only occasionally heard on deep bumps by the slight rattling of pendants on the Chandelier, which rolled behind everyone. To her side, she gently pressed the box with all the contents thrown out by Onufriev, which at the last moment she decided to take with her just in case. A few hours later, late at night, after the moon had set, a garbage truck arrived in the yard of Varsonofiy, and the driver, seeing the container turned upside down, thought: "Great, the hooligans have simplified the task a bit today, so I`ll finish the shift twenty minutes earlier."

Having emptied the remaining containers, he drove on, and in the morning the janitor, manager, and plumber, rolling the container with a roar, returned it to the correct position and threw rubbish scattered around it with shovels. "Yes, the hooligans went wild here tonight, usually they just knock over the dumpster on its side, and now they've turned it upside down! Probably, drunken holiday-makers froliced on the way from the restaurant," they suggested and went on to work. LogoArrow

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