Along The Waves Of Imagination-№4-Fairy tale "The Adventures of Abnormal Things". Fourth chapter-Media collection "Driving Idea"

Along The Waves Of Imagination

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Fairy tale "The Adventures of Abnormal Things"

Fourth chapter

Abnormal things go to the fields-The adventures of abnormal

The primer, along which abnormal things moved slowly in the pitch darkness, was completely covered with wide shallow pits, in the center of which lay pieces of broken brick, adobe blocks, window frames and some planks. With these construction debris, people who lived along the road in private houses tried in vain to level the ruts with the upper level of the road, but very quickly large pieces of filler were thrown out by the wheels of cars, mopeds, bicycles, and wheelbarrows.

Little by little the fragments of brick and adobe that had flown out of the holes disappeared "no one knows where," and the country road acquired almost the same appearance as it had before attempting to repair it. As a result, passers-by habitually circled the pits along the edges, approaching almost directly to fences and garages, which stood on both sides of the primer.

In the same way, the head of the unusual procession headed by Bath: looking closely at the narrow edges of the pits, she, giving a strong roll, tried in every possible way to avoid passage through sharp fragments of stones and riddled with broken rusty nails fragments of frames. "If I pierce the tire here, neither the young technician attached to the wheel, nor the too small recovery chamber, nor the Refrigerator that can stand the three, even if we with the Washing Machine can perch up the Sideboard on the top, help me."

Wandering along the flat surface and shying away at the sight of stones and boards, Bath gradually advanced forward, and the friend standing on her sides, clinging her hands to the curved edges that served her as a support, easily kept her balance. On the deepest potholes, her copper plates quietly tinkled, eventually waking the dogs dozing in the yards. One of them, an old shepherd, was about to announce the furious barking of a quiet night street, but, clinging to the wicket gate, was stupefied and numb with surprise.

In a daze watching the gigantic technical devices that she had never seen in her long life, she silently watched the abnormal things while she opened the view from the bottom of the gate. Only when the Chandelier, having rolled into some very deep pit, loudly shook its numerous pendants, and the trash that lay in its box jumped, boomed back to the bottom, the sheep dog hesitantly barked and, yawning, went to bed again at the gate.

When the last private house along the road was left behind, she began to loop a lot, tacking between piles of garbage, which in large numbers was dumped on both sides of it. Removing it from here was inconvenient and expensive, so food and household waste from time to time was simply ignited, and the dump in different places blackened with charred bottles, stones, cans, packages, and some details of the car upholstery.

"Haha, and we thought, lying at home in a box, along with all the junk of Varsonofia, that you can not see the same disorder anywhere else!" - The Washing Machine exclaimed and from the excess of impressions, forgetting that she needed to hold on tightly to Bath, walked with the chopsticks in her hands-hoses, which until that time were clamped under her arms, over all her drums, and ended the batch with a blow to the copper plate.

Around the shadows of scattered cats that lived near the garbage heaps, somewhere in the courtyard left behind the house the dog barked angrily, immediately awakening almost all the dogs in the district, and the steppe, dimly lit by rare lights, was filled with the voices of dogs that were barking in every way. Only bats that rushed over the tops of abnormal things behind mosquitoes did not react to the loud exclamation and drumbeat, continuing their gambling with sharp turns, rapid ups and dizzying descents.

Frightened by the unexpected and loud sounds of drums and plates, Bath rushed forward, flew to a high stone sticking out of the path and rolled over on her side, throwing her cheerful girlfriend off to her side somewhere into the reed darkness that stretched along the sides. The Refrigerator, who had arrived at the back, was not at a loss, and turning cautiously, he stopped beside the stunned wheels of the Bath so that it would be easier for Servant to pick up her cable, hanging from the boom of the crane.

Hooking it over the enameled bead that stood out in the darkness, Servante quickly put Batha on the wheels and began to peer into the crushed thickets of reeds, to which the Washing Machine, which had lost its support, collapsed. Having caught up with the companions of Chandelier at that moment, realizing immediately what had happened, she felt for the mixer in her drawer a flashlight, took it out and sent a beam of dim light to where the Servant carefully fumbled with the excavator bucket, trying to grope for the iron rectangular case.

Finally, the beam, blurred and unevenly reflected by the peeling mirror of the lantern that had seen the light, snatched out the white even side of the Washing Machine in the more often reeded canes, and Servant, gently turning the unlucky girlfriend so that it could be hooked on the hose, pulled it out with a crane from the captivity of thick roadside thickets, and after a second its bottom again firmly rested on the side of the Bath.

In order to help her friends get rid of dust and debris, the Chandelier quickly took a sweep of water in a deep ridge that was nearby, and covered the Bath and the Washing Machine with warm, turbid trickles. "Thank you!" cried both. "I did not expect to take a shower right on the road," Bath added with a laugh, "Honey, next time, express your enthusiasm not so violently," she advised the Washing Machine, but she did not respond with mutual causticity, as she listened intently to the strange sounds emanating from her underwear chamber.

It seemed that there was a kind of essence stirring there, while she was either displeased or scared screaming and furiously scraping a lot of sharp objects at the centrifuge. Frightened, the Washing Machine hurried to open the hatch, and from there the cat's head leaned out.


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