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Cats are able to count and understand human speech


Drivingidea.ru LogoArrow Those who had a cat as a pet could make sure that he is a surprisingly clever animal, which eventually acquires skills, making admire his wit and observation capabilities. The first thing that probably makes wonder is detection by a cat of the fact that food which is given to him is taken out of the fridge. After a while, a hungry cat will no longer follow the owner, meowing and rubbing against his leg, and would prefer simply approach to the fridge, lift up his head and sit looking at it, thereby making it clear that the time has come to take something edible out.

Cat himself counts the floors to get home

If the cat lives in an apartment building without an elevator and often goes up the stairs together with the owner, usually anticipating him a flight forward, he quickly remembers how many floors he has to pass in order to achieve one where he lives, and will accurately determine the door of the apartment. That is why, coming back home early in the morning from a walk, the cat himself will count spans and stop right on the floor, where he lives.

Errors happen sometimes too, but infrequently - for example, a pet can stop one floor earlier but starts to meow at the door, which is located at the site in the same way. Once in a case of such a mistake, the hostess of the wrong flat said, "You should not be here, you have to go up!". Cat looked at her attentively, then turned away and ran up to the right floor. It is noteworthy that this cat was wrong rarely and only in the direction of shorting but not going up an extra floor.

It turns out that cats not only count the floors in order to come home from a walk, but
they are also able to ring the doorbell themselves, jumping high and pressing a button

Cat Nikifor verbally refused to get off the kitchen stove

Thanks to the Internet, where pet lovers put many movies with cats starring, it became known that amazing abilities of cats are not limited to counting floors. One gets the impression that they understand what the owners tell them, and even respond in cat's language, which is easy to understand from the environment where this dialogue is going on, and intonations prevailing as well.

It is enough to watch the short video clip where the mistress reproaches cat Nikifor because he sprawled on the kitchen stove. Apparently, its surface was heated by burners that turned it into the best bed on Earth so no wonder that the cat did not want to leave this comfortable rookery.

Cat Nikifor, who has long been a star of YouTube, understands the hostess’ demand
to jump off the stove and stubbornly objects to her, trying to convey his dissent verbally

His unwillingness to comply with the request of the hostess Nikifor expressed almost verbally, uttering some short phrases, which meaning, although it sounds strange, was very clear: "I do not want to leave and will not go away." This very unusual dialogue lasted about a minute, and eventually, Nikifor reluctantly got up and jumped off the kitchen stove. Surprisingly he did it without any physical coercion, and moreover without showing him any signs of impending punishment in the form of a broom or towel. He jumped off just because eventually heeded mistress` verbal requirements to leave the stove.

Cats can transmit their wishes through meowing

The fact that cats perfectly understand human speech, some owners might have guessed for example through the way how quickly and accurately cats execute the commands. For example, if a cat has to eat some fish, which is put on a plate standing on the floor, and in the process of eating fish will move away on linoleum, threatening to stain the floor around, it is enough to command: "Move back to plate!" - and the cat obediently puts the fish on a plate.

Cat Maru demonstrates amazing ability to understand the arithmetic tasks set before him verbally in the Russian language and solve them by performing the actions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and even extraction of a square root

But that`s not all - the cats themselves sometimes try to tell something to man via intone meow. For example, if a cat walking in the street wants to jump on the laps of a man sitting on a bench, then, approaching, cat tells meow, his whole manner implying that he waits for permission. So it`s enough to pat friendly on the leg, and sociable cat instantly jumps up to knees, humming softly. You can sit in such a way for a long time, and the animal may even doze off, but to interrupt the communication session it is enough to pat him on the side saying "It`s time to go", and perfectly understanding what was required of him, the cat comes off at the ground. Drivingidea.ru LogoArrow


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