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Why it is better not to keep a big dog in the city

A big dogA big dog

Drivingidea.ru LogoArrow For some time now, residents of apartment buildings began to keep huge dogs in their homes. About this rather strange hobby willy-nilly had to learn not only their neighbors in the house and yard, but relatives and acquaintances coming to visit them, who, waiting for the elevator, suddenly discovered that it were not only people who arrived, but also for example a huge dog on the long, thin legs, with an oblong face and attentive gaze. Such a "pet" reaches the height of the chest of an adult man and therefore does not feel any trepidation in front of him, does not feel respect for him and is not at all a fact that it intends to follow any good tone rules towards him.

Such a dog is not at all afraid of a stranger, understands well its power superiority over him and perfectly feels the fear that its very appearance evokes - even if it is not ferocious, but neutral or rather friendly. At the same time, not necessarily the powerful jaws of such a "man`s friend" will be muzzled - on the contrary, the owners who are completely confident in the harmless disposition of their "pets" the calf`s height will often be complacently sure that "he does not bite", "well, he only sniffs you in order to meet you", "he will never attack anyone in his life", "he only looks so terrible, but in fact he is kind", "he is harmless as a teddy bear".

A huge toothy dog is equally dangerous for passers-by and for the owner

Alas, the cruel and grim reality now and then refutes these misconceptions, and from time to time it is reported in the press that living in the city toothed muscular dogs attack not only random passers-by, but also their owners right in apartments and mutilate or kill them or their children left at home, sometimes for no apparent reason.

What can be added here about sports enthusiasts living in megalopolises, doing jogging around the park in the morning? It`s likely that they had to suddenly feel a strange touch on hand lowered in motion of something warm and wet, or, precisely speaking, the face of a high, strong dog, for whom do not matter strict orders of his master walking with him: "Near!", "Sit!", "Lie down!" - and who is much more obedient to the call of instinct, prompting to start the pursuit of "biped prey" running away somewhere.

The attack of the dog is unpredictable and cruel

And, it should be noted that the lover of an early morning jog in the fresh air is again very lucky if the "harmless" pet of a meter height who caught up with him will be limited in manifesting its instincts with a muzzle. And the fate of an athlete will be much worse if this saving device doesn`t appear on the pet, for example, for the simple reason that its owner is firmly convinced that at six in the morning only he and his dog will walk in the park and no awakening its predatory nature "moving targets" nearby certainly will not be.

Drunk owner can not control the ferocious dog

Sometimes the owner who noticed the beginning of the attack has time to call the beast and it, if fate smiles at its possible victim, will stop its attack. But it is quite possible such a terrible option that the owner of the ferocious dog will be inebriated and therefore either simply does not pay attention to its enthusiastic pursuit of a man or, without being aware of the consequences of what is happening, simply will not give it any importance.

Against this background, especially alarming the opinion is that the dog feels perfectly when its owner drank a little, and then, realizing the lack of proper control over its actions, begins to allow itself what it would consider forbidden and unacceptable under the supervision of a sober owner. Accompanied by a drunken owner, a bull terrier is especially dangerous, which, like an infernal machine, is just waiting for an opportunity to let out a fierce temper which is poorly hidden in it.

For a tipsy owner it is very hard to keep a fighting dog from attacking a passerby or another dog

That is why, one day, walking along a country road and noticing a going towards me drunken man, who with a long leash was pulled ahead by this terrifying creature, with all its appearance showing genuine interest from afar and clearly wanting at least to "sniff" me, as naive people imagine, and in fact, most likely, to stick its teeth into the leg, I asked this drunken dog breeder to slow down a bit, turned decisively and went in the opposite direction, eventually making an impressive hook, just to avoid a meeting with this terrible couple.

I must admit that the very drunk owner tried with all his might to keep the pulling leash, like a string, the bull terrier, and even shouted to him the command: "Sit down!" - but these measures did not have any effect on the dog excited with the suddenly opened freedom of action. It showed such a great interest in me that even a hundred meters after this extremely dangerous meeting, going in the opposite direction, I was seriously afraid that the instantly gone wild toothed beast would still break free from the weakened by alcohol hands of the owner and rush after me.

Even a seemingly innocent dog is a born hunter

In his book, “Man Meets Dog” Konrad Lorenz, an eminent Austrian zoologist and zoopsychologist, one of the founders of ethology, the science of animal behavior, the winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, in the 15th chapter called "Dog days" describes in detail a nice summer day spent on the Danube with his favorite little chow-chow Suzy.

Despite all the affection which it causes in its owner, Suzy, on the way to the river, manages to catch and eat one field mouse, on the other side of the Danube tries to catch a wagtail, almost catches a huge musk rat, then tries to catch a frog and even makes a small swim for the sake of it, and on the way back at the mouse meadow, it catches three fat voles in a row. Thus, almost all the time spent in the setting of wildlife, the famous scientist's domestic dog was hunting, and herewith four field mice became its victims.

The dog has always been and remains a cruel predator

In other words, even one medium-sized dog’s going outdoors was enough to become a real disaster for the nature. It is not surprising, therefore, that much larger and more ferocious dogs, constantly living in the stone jungle, from time to time suddenly feel a desire to hunt. And for the reason that cats, sparrows, and pigeons come into their field of vision far from always, and they behave, knowing well what to expect from dogs, rather carefully, the object of hunting becomes, alas, a man.

So, it is highly undesirable to keep a big dog in the city, which is dangerous both for passers-by, and for the owner and his family, needs abundant food and, growing up and gaining strength, will less and less feel the desire to obey all sorts of commands and prohibitions and more and more take power in its paws, and which is especially scary, its teeth and jaws. Drivingidea.ru LogoArrow

A big dogA big dogA big dogA big dogA big dogA big dogA big dogA big dogA big dogA big dog

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