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How I rented an apartment in the Moscow suburbs

Moscow regionMoscow region

The Institute should not "last" forever. You need to finish it someday, not to be an eternal student. Sometimes it seems that "it" forever, and therefore completely "unexpectedly" you see in your hands a diploma, and after a couple of weeks you realize that you have to find accommodation for yourself. Learning from my classmate that in Tomilino, near Moscow, you can rent an apartment for 800 rubles, I happily rejected thoughts about a doroguschey room in Moscow and cheerfully went to the Kazan station. The first disappointment was that at this station trains stop every hour, or even less. Having bought a ticket to Tomilino, I saw it only from the window of the car. Past the restaurant "Dachny" and small private houses near the highway. The train was in full swing carried me further in the direction of Golutvin. What kind of city is this, I do not know until now, but then they explained to me that the city of Voskresensk appears under this name. Well, strange, I'm no longer surprised. After leaving the walls of the mother's alma everything changes so rapidly that for a while you cease to understand what is happening to you at all.

Having traveled about fifty kilometers from the capital, I left at the first station I came across. "State farm," I read and was very surprised. The people went along the path past huge country houses, rather like wooden mansions. Soon I was among miserable and shabby panel five-story buildings. All Moscow suburbs, it seems, are built up with these house of cards, as if in punishment for their proximity to Moscow and the "cheapness" of the area. But I would not want to live like that. True, they did not let me. Long inquiries about whether or not someone is renting an apartment here did not give a positive result. True, one kind girl held me almost by the hand to the apartment door, which her brother had once rented. I was discovered by a cheerful woman of about thirty. "No, this apartment is already occupied," she replied. I did not begin to break into other people's doors and went to the station. 600-700 rubles a month, of course, an interesting price, but it exists only in conversations on the ear, and to strangers it is not available.

My second trip to the Moscow region took place a week later. I bravely bought a ticket to Golutvin, counting on exactly to rent an apartment there at a low price - in fact, in such a distance from the capital, very few people will especially bargain for a hundred rubles, because of which I started saving. But he left the train this time at the station Bronnitsy. Just there my tourist patience burst. Residents located at this station of the village listened sluggishly to my questions, and only two teenagers volunteered to take me to the places of possible rental of housing. They vividly participated in my studies and sympathized with the failures. All the "villagers" seemed to have conspired and answered "no, we do not know". I went from there my way.

And, finally, about a week later, on Saturday, I went on a new quest. This time I entered the village of Trofimovo. The train, as it turned out, stops on this platform once an hour, and therefore there was no point in hurrying backwards. One woman also got there accidentally, but from the opposite side of the platform another woman warned her "about the danger" of marching half a day to no avail, and she, having seen the train approaching from the opposite side, ran across the roads and sat in it, so that from Konobeevo station they would return to Golutvin much Faster than directly through the watch.

I went in search of adventure. The smooth field spread before me. Birds sang in the sun high and green grass swayed around. In the distance, mysteriously stood a village in which, I felt, I was waiting for success. But it was not there. Two old women and grandfather pointed me to the house, which, they said, was empty. They said that they would certainly give me a place to live there. I came there. The dog barked loudly. Soon a young woman came out and stared at me with dislike and undisguised suspicion. I called her the purpose of my visit. "Oh, no, there are bad conditions, there is no gas and electricity, the floor is rotten and I will not let you into the house." Soon her mother came out, and then two completely morose men. They looked so unfriendly, as if some terrible danger was coming from me, and therefore, in order to prevent it, they were preparing for the defense. Naturally, I preferred not to irritate them any more and went to the place where they showed me - to the village of "multi-apartment" houses - to be exact, the old long two-story boxes, which you can see today only in such a terrible muffler. There was nothing new: all the same refusals and instructions that it is impossible to remove anything. By the way, that unfriendly woman suddenly started asking me about "you": "Do you really want to rent a place here?" And why exactly in Trofimovo? " She and the family did not believe in my pure intentions.

The train to Moscow took me from an inhospitable village. I no longer wanted to rent an apartment in these places, and did not go to Konobeevo to return to Voskresensk - the so-called city called Golutvin, as the woman explained to me on the platform. Spending an hour and a half on the road at one end, I just did not want, and so I completely lost the desire to continue this venture. However, I went to Bronnitsy and tried to visit a woman I knew who asked me to call her on Sunday. She was not at home, but I spent my time cheerfully. The girl on the bike, last time flashed nearby, told me "hello." I greeted her in return, somewhat surprised. I was met by a drunk young woman who said that she would hand me a room in Moscow or a half-house here for one thousand two hundred rubles. Her no less drunk husband noticed that this was not true and "Luda ​​got it wrong." He turned out to be her age and looked thirty years old at the most. Together with him we went to a long house, in which, according to him, something could be rented out. But soon on the ancient 412-m "Muscovite" came the owner and said that he did not hand over anything and he already lives. My new "comrade", who had become very tired during the brief joint movements along the village streets, quite unexpectedly demanded that I reward him for these hard work, and I gave him twenty rubles, than pleasantly surprised. In general, he left me his phone and asked to call - suddenly he finds out where and what can be removed at that station. We parted only the best friends, and I went to Moscow. For this day I sunbathed well, as I spent much time walking in the open sun. Moreover, I had a great rest and then recalled this unusual adventure with pleasure.

Moscow regionMoscow regionMoscow regionMoscow region

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