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Reflections at the bank entrance

BanksLoan approved LogoArrow Here February will soon come to an end, and seemingly we just recently celebrated the coming of the new 2018 year. We built hopes, plans, made wishes and dreamed, dreamed, dreamed ... that everything would be adjusted and formed, and an eternal holiday of prosperity and thanksgiving would come. But the day has passed, the date has changed - nothing has changed again! Like before, life goes on gloomily, sad and apocalyptic for many people now. I affirm this as an immediate witness of many life conflicts and nuances, because I live not on another planet, but near and I constantly communicate with many people and I have ears and eyes, so I see and observe everything very clearly.

Yes, of course, the gloom of being can be described deeply and piercingly, but I’m not worried about the sadness of the present life, the strained smiles of people, nor hypocrisy and lies that pervade everything and everything, but how these same people, that is, we are with you try to change something and add optimism and positive feelings to our daily routine. Based on my observations and experience of communication, I was convinced that many people see the salvation from the greyness of everyday life and the crisis of the social and economic situation in loans, credits, or, as they say in everyday life, “go and take a loan from the bank”.

And many are sure that this is the only and effective way out for them from many problem situations. But for some reason, many do not think about the consequences and tell themselves: “Ah, hell with all this! I’ll take out a loan for urgent needs, and life will improve itself. And what’s next I do not even want to know. Worse than now there will be no more. Moreover, the authorities convince us that everything is normal, a little patience, and there will be enlightenment and universal happiness, based on the common welfare. Everything will be adjusted and formed, the whole phenomenon is temporary,” etc.

But, of course, everyone knows that everything passes and this will pass, everything flows and changes, but I want to tell you, people, very sincerely: “It will not pass without leaving a trace for you and will not change your position for the better, but will only aggravate it.” I know this from my own experience, as I went through the crucible of banks' painful loans and experienced on my skin what is it the “credit slavery”. Everyone knows about bank loans the main idea that you take someone else’s money in one quantity, and you give back yours, but in larger numbers, — in much larger ones. And is it worth to feed these bankers so that you can experience the state of a wealthy person for a year maximum? After all, credit is the most real bondage, and you provide a service to pay interest on the deposit for several long years to these very banks.

“How so?” — you ask. And like this: you signed a loan agreement, you opened an account, and it received a loan, which you immediately did not fail to take advantage of, but a month passed, and you need to do payment, and you deposit into the account money that is immediately written off, but only a small amount of the loan debt is written off, and the main part of the write-off is interest, — simply rabid, predatory interest, exceeding many times your debt. That is, the bank for you has opened a deposit to itself and receives a huge interest income from it to itself. Let’s applaud it for this thing standing up and for a long time. It’s a business, a market, and if you do not want to take it, so no one forces you.

But all the same, people take and take, enriching banks with deposits, which they open themselves in the guise of credit products for the population. They are like fat cats, and still, it is not enough for them, but they offer us deposits at 5–6 percent per annum, and for themselves, they open through us (think about it, people!) at 100–150 percent per annum. It's easy to check the compound interest formula in the university textbook "Finance and Credit", but no one wants to do it, but simply engage in self-complacency or simply hypocrisy before oneself. I live in the apartment above a bank porch and I see every day such a picture: crowds of people rush to this institution, so as not to open a deposit or withdraw savings, but, namely, to take a loan. I hear their conversations through an open window leaf, and they say that they got a call (or the message came) with a proposal "to take a loan on the most favorable terms for you and you must hurry while it's cheaper".

And they are really in a hurry but are rushing to meet their disastrous situation, which they will get to very shortly. How can they be sure that they will have permanently a stable income, high-paying job, and prospects for increasing their well-being?! I do not understand this, but talking to many on these issues and dissuading them from taking these loans, just not to take them, as I went through it and know it from my own experience, I again hear the same thing: "And how to live further... because I want to buy both that and this. Where else can you get the money - no one except the banks gives, and you know what salary you have, only you have enough to live on. "

So why do you need a financial load then, if the earned money is barely enough to maintain your pants?! Turn on the brains finally! It is better to endure a little now, as the saying goes, "temporarily suck dry bread crust" - but to strain your brains and think of an additional income, but do not get into this credit yoke. All the same, it will not be for the future, and it will fly away into all sorts of nonsense, and it will take a lot of money each month for many years, and it would be good if there were enough funds to pay in full, given the instability of the current economic situation.

Today you have a job, and tomorrow you can be fired, as it is now everywhere. But these people do not listen to me, but smile with a glued smile and pull the handle of the banking door. Why do they push themselves voluntarily into this slavery and do not realize that all this may end (and, as a rule, ends with this crying according to statistics) very sad, not only for them, but for their relatives and friends, to me, given my own negative experience in this matter is incomprehensible, and I refuse to understand this and call this behavior adequate to the human mind.

But we need to talk about this constantly to everyone, and not to sum up about the insufficiently reasonable behavior of our citizens. After all, financial literacy, and sometimes just literacy in everyday life, leaves much to be desired. I burned myself repeatedly and do not distinguish myself from this crowd as the most knowledgeable person in these matters, bur experience is a tough thing, and it gives an understanding of the abyss into which our fellow citizens fall. Since childhood, we must accustom ourselves to the correct treatment of the financial component of our lives. After all, to get a driver's license, we pass the exam by the rules of the road, and only after that, we are allowed to drive the vehicle.

So why should people be allowed to manage their financial situation from their young hearts without preparation and subsequent examination? Not having trained them, not giving them financial skills, starting with family education and then through preschool and school institutions, and later through other educational and upbringing institutions, one can not trust a person to manage the financial levers of his life and his family financial life. And now the society has already thought about this and makes some attempts in this direction, but they are very inadequate and resemble poultices to the dead.

Of course, some will argue that why all these conversations and subsequent financial education, let them on their own experience understand what it means to be in a debt credit pit, as they say, "let them step on the same rake as the others, so that understanding will come." Here you stepped on them, in due time. Yes, it was, and stepped very hard, and they struck me so hard that it was not just understanding that came, but the catharsis of all thinking that led me to the full report of this educational activity to everyone, because I do not want other people to be in the same situation as I did in my time.

And, frankly, it would be better not to step on these credit rakes ever, even to study and acquire this negative-unpleasant experience. And I wish you all the same. Think and turn on the brains before you are led to bank marketing moves and sign loan agreements. Better take care of yourself and your business, and do not become dairy credit cows, which can at any time be rolled into cans. LogoArrow

Viktor Ledenev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

You can contact Viktor Ledenev and get his methodological advice on liberation from credit slavery through his pages at social networks Instagram, Facebook, Facebook (personal blog)

You can read a Russian review of the book by Victor Ledenev "Secret Science: or attempts to synthesize, analyze and then rethink transcendence and transcendental management (Russian Edition)" and buy it on this page

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