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My love, Belarus (impressions about Minsk)

MinskMinskMinskMinskMinskMinskMinskMinsk LogoArrow Travel has always been and remains my passion, but recently it has not often happened to me to be in various places and especially remote ones from my town. But it does not upset me, because next to it there is an amazing place called the Republic of Belarus, visiting which delivers unspeakable pleasure and relaxation. I went there periodically from January 2011 and immediately fell in love with this country, as they say, "up to the ears". For the whole state, I cannot say objectively due to the fact that only I had to stay, walk, study and communicate exclusively in the hero city of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, but I had enough of this. Therefore, I will tell you about my impressions experienced in this glorious city.

Coming out of the train, you immediately dive into the atmosphere of cheerfulness, which even the railway station of Minsk is permeated with. People are somehow bright and friendly. The train station is light, clean, everything is clear, and I do not even want to leave this place, because everything is created for a comfortable pastime. But it is necessary to go, and the station is not the only place where you can get pleasant emotions here. So I go out and walk down Kirov Street to Dzerzhinsky Boulevard, I pass the Independence Avenue and walk unhurried walk along Komsomolskaya Street past the building of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus, which does not scare at all, but on the contrary touches with its pseudo-Stalin architecture in empire style, and the clock on the tower of this building shows time, which should be used wisely, being in this city not so long. And I go, I go, I look at the starry sky, which for some reason seems so high and boundless right here, and the stars are scattered so dearly, beautifully and richly, that I want to sing, shout and smile. I do not know why, but such feelings always come when I walk through the land of Minsk, and I'm not so often here - about 2-3 times a year, which, on the contrary, only enhances the perception of the city.

And so I go down the little "a bit crooked" street and go out to Nemiga (this is the name of the ancient Minsk street, there is even the expression "Let's meet at Nemiga", which means "I'm waiting for you always in the center of the big city"), and this is already considered the historic belly of the city, and I see the Trading Gallery (well, where without it in our century of market economy and consumer society), but I do not stay there for a long time, but rush to the Prospectus of Winners, which is an important branch of the transport infrastructure. It, straight, broad and light, picks up and carries me into the embrace of the Yubileinaya Hotel.

The hotel, of course, looks very Soviet-style, but the staff is even very much European, which results in the decent service and pleasant management of hospitality. The girls are smiling, benevolent, and as if they have no problems, and they are very happy, rich and satisfied with life. And I immediately begin to think that I got in a heavenly place, where the dream of mankind was fully realized about the introduction of the "happiness economy" in a single country. "Ba! Is it possible?" - I think, and maybe I just experienced the euphoria from the change of places, after all, I had long been in my provincial village near Moscow with a view to the huge pigsty.

But no! That's right! They are just satisfied with what they have and do not grumble - that's the thought immediately slipping in me, and I, happy, go to clean white bed. Not a speck of dust and only the twinkle flickers in the window on the flagpole of the residence of the Belarusian president. Everything is so sincere and I do not want to leave this fertile land, but there are few days left for walks, so I fall asleep and wait for the morning to absorb the atmosphere of Belarusian happiness.

And here it is, morning in Minsk. How qualitatively I slept, as if I had never slept so sweetly anywhere. I do not understand how to explain this, but did not analyze this condition, and simply went downstairs and sat down to drink coffee in a nice hotel cafe. But simple coffee Americano surprised me a lot with its tastiness. What's wrong with me - I do not understand. Well, everything is fine, and not just fine, but super! And life, it turns out, is an interesting thing. Yes, it, such a pain, is amazing and beautiful! And it is here, in Minsk, it turns out, to the fullest, it, this life, is amazing and beautiful. And why I did not know about this before, but I vegetated in this noisy and gloomy Moscow for so many years and thought that there was the limit of human comfort and prosperity, coupled with satisfaction!

And now I realized what it means "Belarus, my love!" What friendly, clean and kind people, these "syabry" are! What happened to them during the years of Soviet power and after that! After all, did not all these cataclysms, crises, redistribution and meanness leave in them a dirty trail? It turns out that somehow they passed all this "insecurity" of human nature in passing. And this, of course, is even more pleasing and inspiring to take a walk around the city already of my dream.

I walk through the streets, breathe deeply, I go to cafes, I eat dishes of Belarusian cuisine. Their draniki I am ready to swallow with a plate. I do not want to leave the center of the city for some reason, so I wander around the hotel, but I decided to walk along the nearby Victory Park, which inspires me to think that in a major metropolitan city there is a place that dips you in the quiet of forest grace. And so I make a promenade along the alleys of the park, look at the trees, breathe the fresh air, absorb the solar energy, listen to the birds singing, but somehow I do not notice people. They somehow detached pass me by. They do not seem to care about me, just as I do about them. I have not experienced this in the wilds of the human society for a long time.

And I'm as happy as never. I decide to walk to the Europe's Square, where the historic building of the City Hall is located. I close my eyes and imagine myself on the street of a medieval city, but for some reason in Poland. By the way, I have long noticed that there is a strong influence here of European states, especially of Poland. As if it is an integral part of the Polish community and not the former republic of the Soviet Union. Although there are a lot of Soviet things here, they somehow look organic and not striking but are picturesquely included in European culture and mentality. This again is my purely subjective opinion, and maybe I am mistaken in something, even to the best for the reader's perception of this article.

There is no discomfort, which is often experienced in the urban environment because of the hustle and bustle. Everything is somehow provincial, but at the same time, it's urban. As if I found myself on another planet. I do not know, maybe I do not have much to compare with since I did not leave the middle of Russia more often, but the fact remains. I do not want to go anywhere, especially in the so-called tourist clusters, that is, museums, galleries, moreover in an organized crowd with a hypocritically indifferent tour guide, but just want to stand and look around like a weather vane on the roof of the town hall, but here twilight is gathering, lights turn on, in the sky the stars are lighted, which are countless in number here, and they brightly serenely shine, and also somehow look at me with confidence from above, which I never noticed or wanted to notice in the sky of Moscow and Moscow suburbs, and here I felt this joy of simple human being. And this is not pathos, but exactly the true feelings experienced on my own, as they say, "skin", that is to say, the fact remains a fact.

Here are the original impressions which I had from visiting Minsk, which I remembered as a city of eternal holiday and serene pastime. I'm constantly drawn here, and I can not answer why. It seems that everything is usual, trivial in this place, but at the subconscious level, Minsk sends me impulses of pleasure, so I will reflect the whole range of impressions, feelings, and emotions in my next articles on this topic. LogoArrow

Viktor Ledenev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

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