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How to shave not using foam, cream or soap

Cary Grant movie actorBlade for shavingA Shaving Monk from Myanmar LogoArrow According to one of the sociological surveys, men consider shaving the most enjoyable occupation in life. Most likely, this process causes them so many positive emotions for the reason that it allows to escape from everyday worries, surrounding yourself with many accessories pleasant to the eyes and smell. Dimly glimmering in the bathroom metal shaver, a tall flacon with fragrant foam, which by instruction should be thoroughly shaken before use, bottles with pre-shaving and after-shaving lotions cannot but cause the desire to shave as often as possible. This natural aspiration is reinforced by the necessity dictated by the existing conventions that require from a modern man immersed in a whirlpool of business concerns and public life to shave no less than once every four days.

Alas, due to lower wages and higher prices, he can not always afford himself to buy long-usual shaving foam, and sometimes he does not have enough money even for cream or soap. However, this does not mean at all that due to economic difficulties, one has to let go of a beard because you can shave by simply moistening your face with cool water! This method, which at first sight seems to be something of a torture, but in reality little different from shaving with perfumery, will inevitably have to be mastered for the simple reason that the beard and mustache continue to stubbornly grow despite the difficult economic situation, ever more meager food, long working hours and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is not surprising that already on the third or fourth day after shaving off the bristles from the cheeks, chin, and neck, small black hairs obstinately cover skin again, thus giving a lot of inconveniences.

And the untidy appearance, traditionally condemned by society, is not the worst consequence of unshaven. It is much worse that even a young bristle creates the feeling that a face is covered with some kind of cloth that burdens the skin and makes it difficult to exchange gas with the environment. In addition, short hairs reduce pleasure from washing, as water should not only cleanse dirt and dust but also refresh, invigorate, improve mood, relieve stress and regain strength. That`s why you need to shave in time, even if there is no money for foam and lotions. Strangely enough, you can do it, not only without expensive perfume but even without the cheapest soap. It is enough to have an "ancient" reusable shaving machine, which certainly is in the bathroom already because it was used by a grandfather, a father or an older brother. It remains to buy the blade, clamp it in the holder and abundantly moisten the face with cool water, after what you can start cutting the bristles.

Shaving, in this case, will occur almost the same as with the use of foam, cream or soap. Perhaps the only difference will be the fact that the face will have to be constantly moistened, as the water will quickly drain from it, and it is quite difficult to cut off the hairs from the dried out skin. Of course, one can not do without a blade in this case, and it is advisable not to use it second, and moreover the third time, how students living in the hostels use to do. This method will save not only a lot of money but also time, which, as is known, is money too. Refusing to use foam or soap, you can shave twice as fast, and injuries will not increase. Nevertheless, to prevent the appearance of scratches, it is desirable to cut the bristles in shorter steps, more often to wash the hairs off the blade and after each shaving movement replace the machine to another area of the skin so that the irritation inflicted on it ended, rather than intensified. LogoArrow

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Office employee can fully eat right on the workplace

TeaCoffeeCakes LogoArrow Contrary to popular beliefs, tea drinking in the workplace is not anything bad if it can not damage office equipment and documents, clog up your desk and office. On the contrary, quickly reinforcing strength without leaving the computer, you can immediately return to the task, not losing the course of thought, not feeling the desire to sleep and not switching attention to less important things.

A person who spends a lot of time during a day at a computer can replenish the spent forces right behind his desk by drinking tea with a biscuit, cake, patty or chocolate. Strange as it may seem, this extremely convenient way of dining and even having dinner often becomes a stumbling block in relations with the bosses, who, in prohibiting drinking tea at work, seem to attach more importance to the labor regime than to its ultimate goal. Alas, it is for this reason that office employees sometimes have to break away from important cases and go at best to another floor or to the next room where the corporate dining room is located. If this kind of convenience is not provided, then the clerk has even worse to go a long way along the nearby city blocks towards the cafe or restaurant.

Unfortunately, eating in public catering networks, traditionally considered correct, takes a lot of precious time, heavily burdens the stomach, weakens attention and even causes a desire to sleep. As a result, the office employee who made all the things "by-laws", returning to his workplace, cannot concentrate on the task before him for a long time and join the labor rhythm. At the same time, the load imposed does not diminish at all, and therefore the hours lost during the daytime high mental activity must be compensated by labor until late in the evening when attention is obstinately dissipated, and the brain strenuously demands a long break.

That is why it is worthwhile to critically look at the recommendations of numerous doctors and nutrition experts who say that you must eat three times a day, and the food should consist of several dishes. After all, there is nothing wrong with either tea or biscuits, if they are of high quality and are used without risk to pour or crumble a keyboard and papers. Moreover, such a regular replenishment of forces with insignificant in the number of calories tea-drinkings warms the body and gives it everything necessary for a full continuation of work - both mental strength and physical energy. In the end, having eaten half a pack of cookies right at the workplace or in the restroom nearby, the employee will not be distracted from the task, will not want to continue the break "for another half an hour" and will not feel the craving for sleep.

During the office snack, it is not necessary to drink a large cup of tea or coffee, as even in small quantities these drinks strongly invigorate, activate the mind and energize the muscles. In this case, cakes, sweets, and other solid foods should be consumed after liquid, so as not to dilute the gastric juice and thus not make digestion difficult. Thus, having drunk tea first and then reinforcing the strength with a small piece of cake, you can, almost without falling out of the work track and not putting off the heavy work for the evening, confidently plunge into the world of reports and graphs again. LogoArrow

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