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Technology - for the village
(elements of modernity and paintings from life in the 1980s and '90s)

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Young people living in big cities, from birth, got used to the constantly surrounding noise of cars, snowplows, the rustle of trolleybuses and the screeching of trams. Not surprisingly, public and personal transport is perceived by "metropolitan dandies" as an integral part of life. All the more strange are for them the empty streets of deaf district centers and half-forgotten villages, where, at best, once a day, the still alive Zaporozhets will rattle, or a small tractor, will hobble. In such places, it seems that people do not need equipment at all and it is exclusively a luxury item.

Meanwhile, the provincials in their own way love wheeled vehicles - their preferences are just biased in favor of the practical application of the wonders of technology. To get acquainted with the way of thinking of the peasant and his attitude to the self-propelled constructions will be useful to all narcissistic townspeople who consider the car to be the invincible "king of the highway".

Indeed, rural residents almost always use technical aids on the farm. Let they be the simplest, smallest and cheapest, even in a single copy - but you will find some two-wheeled tractor in the shed of the old peasant. He will squeeze out all the juices from this child of progress. Then he will take it to the regional center and at a discount for veterans of labor will repair in a pompous car-care center, where he bought his amazing for the city dweller unit five years ago. The lifetime of this micro super tractor has already long expired, but the gallant grandfather will again go to the district center and order a familiar miller with whom he sat in school at one desk forty years ago, to cut out twenty-six new parts, and will pay for work with a bag of potatoes and two turkeys.

Rural teenagers in all take the example form the elders and therefore do not imagine life without a motorcycle. Its acquisition is just as an obligatory life-mark, as well as marriage. Particularly zealous motorcycle lovers buy themselves an old half-ruined "Jawa" by the age of 16, and, after killing half a year for repairs, with a wild crash and very busy appearance, they regularly travel all the streets of their native village. When the rural bikers get tired of simply scaring old women and disperse stupid chickens, they will repaint dirty-brown-crimson gasoline tank in a flashy white color and through the stencil will put on it a black skull. Having played tuning of the already terrible motorcycle by the age of 18, the gallant lad solemnly sells his war horse to another impudent youth who is eager to make a strong impression on the girl living next door. In the army, the former biker will tell his fellow soldiers for a long time how gallantly he drove through the village, and to the boring real facts, he will add a few freshly invented romantic episodes, into which he himself will willingly believe.

Of course, a motorcycle in the village is always needed, like a motor cultivator. But neither in the district center got accustomed to it. The first is too cumbersome and powerful, and the second does not justify the money spent on it. Residents of small towns always and everywhere prefer to use mopeds. There is nothing better than this chattering grasshopper to go to the sea, to the garden, for water or for fishing at the other end of the city. Quite small compared to a motorcycle moped enjoys equal success both with the elderly, and with adult men - and, of course, with adolescents.

Old people ride a moped mainly on fishing, tying to its frame all that can and cannot be: a shovel, fishing rods, oars. On the trunk "toilers of the sea" manage to put buckets and bags, and on their own back, they also carry a rubber boat in a large backpack.

Fathers of families use a moped more often to travel around the city. They can often be seen on the outskirts, with buzzing aspiring towards the winery farm, a tractor plant or a bus station. Using a moped only for movement, they do not take care of it at all and squeeze out all possible turns from their recently purchased "Carpathy". Sometimes the squealing of their cylinders even drowns out the growl of the "Volgas" rushing by and the chirrup of fussy "Zhiguli". It is not often necessary to repair a new moped, but the fathers try to eliminate rare breakages by their own forces.

Young people over twenty years of age use "Verkhovyna" only for chic. It is considered a special luxury for them to drive up a moped to the doors of the wrestling section, and after training to drive on it, shiny with fresh factory enamel, a friend to the house. Constantly imagining that sometime - very soon - "Verkhovyna" will grow into a second-hand "Zhigul", the guys are really very reluctant to part with their two-wheeled friend and, having bought a car, prefer to keep their favorite moped in the garage to the state of "falling apart".

Finally, the most reckless moped fans in the regional centers are the young people of school age. Happy boys, already satisfied with the fact of acquisition, they never get the desired wreck in the acting form. With grief in half fixing it with the help of craftsmen from the neighboring yard, urchins at the first signs of sparking sit down on the creaking junk and bravo go "to the sea" - that is, to a semi-wild beach. Of course, there can be no question of any brakes for such an antiquity that has risen from the dust. Approaching the goal of the journey, juvenile marginals simply pull out the spark plug from the motor to muffle it, and in front of the surprised resting people further brake together with soles of the shoes. All ingenious is simple, how can one not agree with this statement after such a spectacle?


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